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Deck building is a major home improvement project. If you decide to build your own, you need to carefully design and plan the steps before construction begins or hire contractors to manage the process for you. It may sound simple, but a few steps are involved in designing and building an attractive backyard deck. Aside from planning where the surface will be installed and measuring the space available, you also have to consider how it will be attached to your house and what materials can accommodate your personal taste and withstand weather conditions year-round.

If you’re only looking to expand your living area by adding a deck, building a simple structure that attaches to the house or existing structure may be more practical. If you wish for something permanent, you should consider hiring an architect to draw up plans before contacting contractors. 

At Albany Fence & Deck, we have experienced and skilled designers, in addition to our builders. We can help you figure out if your proposed design is structurally sound, what permits may be required, and where is the best place for construction would be.

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Common Types of Residential Deck Materials

1. Steel 

Experts say steel is the best material choice for decks. This is because it will never rot, warp, crack, or splinter like wood does, and it will not succumb to mold and mildew. With today’s enhancements in metal alloys, you can get steel that looks just like wood, with the added benefit of years (even decades) longer durability. Metal decking materials are available in aluminum and various steel grades, which offer similar aesthetics yet very different prices and maintenance requirements.

2. Concrete

The concrete residential deck is an integral part of many homes. They are used for activities like barbecuing, entertaining, and relaxing. It is a great way to use a portion of land that would otherwise be unused or wasted space. Moreover, it is a great place to put play equipment for children.

3. Metal

Some homeowners find a metal deck an attractive option compared to wood decks. They are fairly low maintenance, and they insulate the house from the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. However, when you consider all factors, wood decks may be just as good regarding cost, depending on what type of warranty you get with your metal deck.   

4. Wood

A wooden outdoor deck is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and increase your living space simultaneously. While creating an outdoor living room can be extremely enjoyable, it’s essential to ensure that your deck will be safe for everyone in your family.

Residential Roof Deck

A roof deck, also known as a terrace or balcony, is an elevated addition to a building that typically features exterior landscaping and provides a space for recreation and social gatherings. Residential roof decks are usually smaller than those in commercial buildings because they must fit within their localities’ residential property tax restrictions. However, their location on a higher floor gives homeowners a better view of the surrounding area, which often makes up for their smallness.

You can use their roof deck to see the stars at night, to watch the sunrise in the morning, or enjoy a quiet evening. The location of the building should take into account its surrounding area, especially if it is close to other taller buildings. If there are many wind turbines around your home, you should consider this when thinking about having a roof deck because they may be an obstruction.