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What are your options for your homes or businesses in Albany, NY, if you want the best and most remarkable outdoor living space but are dead set on not getting wood decking? Should you also go for vinyl railings? 

When choosing the right type of decking for your home, you want to be sure that you pick a stylish and functional product. Installing PVC deck boards can create an outdoor space perfect for family gatherings.

A PVC deck helps protect the wooden pilings from rotting through a plastic cover, which fits tightly around it. You should leave this project to experts like us because an amateur might cause more damage than good if they’re not careful. If you want a sturdy and long-lasting deck on your waterside house, this is something worth looking into.

The installation process may not be complicated, but it requires knowledge of all the necessary tools and materials and properly handling them. Besides, professional contractors complete any project on time with top-quality results. However, PVC deck contractors are not equal, so the first thing you want is to choose the best. 

Here at Albany Fence & Deck, we are committed to providing superior quality and results at affordable prices. Contact us now for your free quote without obligations!

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Our Professional PVC Deck Installation Guidelines


Steps Involved Ahead of Time

Before the installation process, there are many things we need to know beforehand, such as selecting the location of the deck and ensuring safety precautions. The area where the PVC deck is to be installed must have proper drainage and provide easy access to electrical power if needed. We will also examine the area and clear any obstacles or debris that might hinder the installation process. As an additional step, we comply with the local municipality’s building codes and other regulations.


Knowing the Details of the PVC Decking

Once these crucial steps have been taken, we will check the components of the deck. Remember that the type of surface beneath the deck must be considered to determine what base should be suitable when laying down the piping. Concrete slabs require different preparation methods than soil surfaces, so we are always careful when working with this product. Furthermore, it is crucial to ensure the piping is completely level and proper placement is maintained. PVC decks cannot be adjusted once installation begins, so we are always careful when working.


Impact on the Environment

Alon with the environmental impact of the materials used in the project, we evaluate how this installation will affect your yard as a whole. We take measures to minimize any negative effects on other plants or animals that might occupy the area where a PVC decking will be installed. An untreated wood surface provides a suitable home for burrowing animals, such as moles and voles. Also, choosing an area prone to flooding can cause water damage if not correctly installed. If these problems are unavoidable, we apply waterproofing treatments available to the PVC decking to prevent any problems down the road.


Streamlining the Process

An effective installation is swift, with minimal disruption. We never wait until the end of the weekend or during any time that will interfere with traffic flow in your yard. Our construction process begins by laying down a solid and level base for the piping and then filling it with sand. This step is critical because if there are any cracks or holes in this foundation, they may compromise the structural integrity of the decking. Once this part has been completed, we start unrolling and installing each piece of PVC decking before finally capping off your project with a flat cap section.