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Once you install a pergola in your backyard, it can offer very much needed relief from the harsh summer heat. In turn, you will have a better summer experience than you have ever had before. The most prudent thing to do is to contact us if you’re looking to get a pergola installed. Our team here at Albany Deck and Fence are licensed and certified experts who can implement any pergola design you want. In the end, it will become your favorite place to spend time during summer evenings with your family and friends.

Reasons to Install a Pergola

Beautify your outdoor area. Apart from offering your backyard a cool shade, a pergola generally makes your house look appealing. It also greatly enhances your home’s value when you decide to sell it later on.


Relief from the summer heat. After installing a pergola, it can offer your backyard a cool shade. And if you are not looking to stay indoors all day, then you can go out to the pergola without being much concerned about the heat.


Easy to customize. Typically, our team enables you to customize the pergola – regardless of how you want it. You can identify the amount of shade you’d want to have, the materials, the height, and the place your pergola will cover. 

How Our Team Works

1. The first thing to do is to ask you about the location you’d want your pergola to cover. We’ll show you some good designs that can last for several years. If there’s a particular design that you really want, then we’ll be glad to make it a reality. Our experts will examine the design, get all the required measurements, and source all the necessary materials. After the materials and designs are completed, we’ll start to plan how the pergola will be installed to ensure that it is durable.


2. After sourcing the materials, our engineering team will then begin to construct the pergola on the set date. We’ll always thrive to finalize the installation within the anticipated time before we begin on the project. Generally, our teams will apply all of the latest, and advanced tools to install your pergola fast and allow you to start enjoying a good time in it. 


3. A professional control team will inspect the different parts of the pergola to ensure that it satisfies our team’s quality standards. Your pergola will only be considered ready after our team decides.

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Pergola Construction Services

Pergola consultation

We’ll offer an all-inclusive list of different pergola designs, their estimated costs, longevity, and ETA. You can choose which design you’d want to install in your backyard. Perhaps you can offer a design and identify the materials you’d want to use. We’ll listen to you and build your ideal pergola.

Pergola installation

Our construction team will consider your instructions carefully while they’re constructing your pergola. Modern tools are applied to ensure your pergola is sturdy and durable and won’t blow away after a storm or heavy wind. Additionally, our control team will inspect your pergola to ensure that it endures for many years.

Pergola maintenance

Not only can we install your pergola, but we can also maintain it. After every six months, we may visit and examine the elasticity and tensile strength of your pergola. 

Contact Albany Deck and Fence if you’d want to get a pergola installed before summer. It will just take us a few days to have a pergola installed in your backyard. Get to enjoy a much more enjoyable and comfortable summer.

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