How Much Will A Composite Deck Cost?

There are three factors you need to consider when working with Albany Fence and Deck : size, materials and labor.



The size of a composite deck plays a substantial part in the overall cost. Traditional square and rectangular shaped decks tend to be more affordable, while complex designs can have an extended timeline for construction due to added complexity. Common dimensions include 12 x 16′, 16 x 20′ or even 22 x 28′. If you want multidimensional levels or layouts that require stairs then expect it will increase pricing greatly. Stairs are not included as part of standard projects anymore. Most professionals quote based on total floor surface area with elements such as stairs separately.


This image shows a man using a power drill to install a new deck for a home.


The type of material you use to build your space is important because it will determine the look and feel for all of its features. Whether there’s an inlay, built-in seating or planter boxes; if someone wants something more affordable than choosing custom solid wood they should consider using cheaper options like plastic instead!

A budget needs be determined before deciding on what kind when looking into how much money somebody has available at hand during construction begins so that cost can dictate which end up being chosen by both design intention as well price point too – after all this part could make or break entire room depending upon affordability choices made earlier.



There are many different types of decking available at various prices. You can find an entry-level wood plastic composite (WPC) for less than $2 per linear foot, while high quality mineral based composites may cost more than 6 dollars! Albany Fence and Deck will work to get you the best prices on material.



Buying a new deck is an investment in your home, so it’s important to get the most value for money. If you’re not confident about installing one yourself. We suggest hiring our professionals at Albany Fence and Deck who can do that work while keeping things organized and tidy onsite! The materials alone will cost around 8 feet per dollar but don’t forget extra charges if needed such as fasteners which would add another 2-3 dollars onto those measurements depending upon where they are being used – this could be anything from screws through anchors.



When building a deck, the substructure of your choice is an important factor that needs to be taken into account. What type and material will it be? How high or low do you want it – with stairs included in this estimate as well? All these questions lead up towards one major decision: what kind of wood should I use for my project! Lumber prices vary from place-to-place but using $12 per square foot ($1400/ft) gives us some general guidelines on how much lumber may cost us without breaking out any calculators just yet. Changes like angles, corners Distance In Elevation add additional costs depending upon how complicated each design gets before we’ve even tackled certain features.



The time and money you save by hiring a contractor is worth it. Your finished deck will be higher quality than if built yourself, as well! Not only does this guarantee that no part of your project goes wrong due to bad planning or execution on the builder’s behalf. Our contractors know how much material each specific type requires for proper construction so there’s less chance they’ll run out during installation which can result in an unfinished product (and unhappy homeowner). Labor costs vary by contractor, but you can get an estimate for your total project cost including labor using the following formula: materials times two. We have Certified Pros equipped with all their expertise who are eager help make designing your deck a breeze.


Pro Tips

Summer is the most expensive time to build a deck. All of your favorite builders are busy with their own projects, materials are in high demand and prices can be steep for contractors as well! Fall or Spring might just have what you need if considering saving money on this big investment. Don’t wait too long because it’s easy enough that people always seem like they’re waiting until last minute before starting construction
Now that we know how much composite decks will cost us (and there really isn’t anything else out there quite like them), now would probably make sense start looking into building our dream project today by requesting quotes through one click away at Albany Fence and Deck or contact us today.