Albany NY Fence and How it Can Keep Animals Out

Many homeowners in Albany NY are looking for ways to keep the wild animals out of their backyards, one way is by installing a fence! The best type of fencing you can get will depend on your needs and preferences, but there are many different types. You may want to install vinyl or wood fences depending on what kind of animal you’re trying to keep out or use a chain link if it’s for security purposes only.


When considering the installation process, there are some things that need to be taken into account before starting with construction. These include planning where everything is going to go, choosing the right materials (depending on your budget), getting permits if needed, finding someone knowledgeable in building fences so they can help guide you, and even hiring someone to help build the fence.


Before getting started, you should also make sure your yard is ready for fencing. This means making sure there are no holes or gaps in the ground that could let animals through. You’ll need to check along walls, corners, trees/branches, bushes, etc., as well as the height of your fence. The taller the fence, the less likely animals will be able to jump over it (though there are always exceptions).Albany NY Fence


If you already have a fence in place, but it’s not doing its job in keeping animals out, consider getting a fence upgrade. This could mean adding an extra layer of fencing or even using a different kind of material. It may be as simple as adding electric fencing, which you can use to shock animals who touch it (but is safe for humans). You could also consider installing an under-fence ultrasonic animal deterrent. These devices work by emitting a high-frequency sound that is uncomfortable for animals, but not harmful to them.


There are many different options when it comes to Albany NY fences, so do your research and find the best one, and know that our team at Albany Fence and Deck a call today.